About us at Paid Surveys

Who We Are?

Here at Paid Surveys, we’re passionate about finding and sharing money-making and money-saving opportunities with our users.

Having been through the journey ourselves, we thought it was unnecessarily complicated…so we decided to make it simple!

Over all our years taking paid online surveys, we’ve built up a lot of experience (we’ve taken a LOT of surveys!) and great relationships with survey panels and survey takers.

And as we understand the challenges they each face meant we set out to make the process a whole lot better.

Now we find and test the most trusted, best paying survey companies in the UK. Then bring them all together and match them to users with our free survey finding service.

How do we operate?

We match the right panellists (people just like YOU!) with market research companies who want to pay for your opinions.

We keep survey opportunities clear and simple, to ensure our survey community knows exactly what to expect from each panel.

The result is a happy survey community – receiving surveys and rewards that fit their profile, and happy survey panels…which helps explain how we are still here, over 5 years later!

Want to get in touch?

Still have questions that you need answering? We’re happy to help.

Send an email to our friendly customer support and we’ll get back to you ASAP: